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Weathering steel landscape from Zherui Steel

Weathering steel A588 Gr.A is widely used in daily life, such as in some greening projects and park construction. The reason is that weathering steel is a series of low-alloy steel between ordinary steel and stainless steel, with special materials.
When exposed to the air, a dense, continuous, good adhesion layer will gradually form on the surface. After a certain degree of corrosion, it will reach a stable state, thereby isolating the corrosive medium in the air.
The original landscape is wild and dilapidated. The restructured landscape continues the spirit of Sicilian classical gardens and embodies it in a simple way.
Plants, roads, and layers of platforms covered in shade are arranged in an orderly manner. The main entrance is guarded by two hundred-year-old cypress trees, the stone road extends inward, passes through layers of green terraces, the boundary of the platform is defined by the corten steel plate, and finally reaches the veranda.
 There is also a flower bed made of weathering steel on the roadside, which is harmonious with the plant, which makes the whole building more design in the old texture.