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Weathering Steel for The Crescent Office Block

The weathering steel plate is a Cu-P series anti-corrosion steel plate, also called corten steel plate, and the common material is Corten-A, which is a low-alloy high-strength steel. Due to the addition of some corrosion-resistant elements, the steel's atmospheric resistance is improved Corrosive.
The Crescent was designed by Sanjay Puri Architects to house the offices of a local property developer.
Each fin is clad with weathering steel – the pre-rusted metal often known by the brand name Corten – giving the building a distinct orange colour.
According to the architect, the cladding material was chosen because of its "beautiful naturally aged look, which adds to the sculptural built form of this small building."
Situated on a small plot at the intersection of two roads, the building is conveniently located for the developer's clients and is intended to function as a promotional landmark.