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Weathering steel for park construction

In order to reflect the history of the original Shekou industry in Shenzhen Bay Park, in addition to retaining some of the original historical elements, rusted texture and rust red weathering steel were selected on some landscape materials, and the lamppost and the city gate “Xingcheng” sculpture were designed. .
The Shekou Garden in Section G is a transformation of the original boating site, striving to create a landscape garden, fully demonstrating the reform and opening up through sculpture culture, and the history of Shekou as a reform leader. In the form of an offshore overhead platform, the Wharf Park provides a unique view of the sea and the location of the city from the sea.
The climatic environment of the seaside is severe, the typhoon is frequent in summer, the wind is huge, the plants and infrastructure are easily damaged, the seawater in the ebb and flow is corrosive, and the durability of the material is tested. The experience of the eastern section is absorbed. We hope that the western section The choice of construction materials is more eco-friendly and durable. The main garden road and the bench are mainly made of stone, and the bicycle lane and the running lane are made of permeable asphalt. There are a lot of railings in the park. We use a combination of plastic wood and matt stainless steel, which is simple and durable, and has a modern style. The sculptural pieces and the landscape-shaped lampposts are made of rust-red tempered steel with rust texture, which is made in the factory with anti-corrosion and anti-rust technology. We strive to make the shoreline smooth and full of charm.