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Weathering steel for natural landscapes

This weathering steel project site is located in four islands in the Changgou Spring Water National Wetland Park. The four islands are mainly built from the construction waste generated during the demolition process of the surrounding villages. The current situation of the project site is a messy poplar forest and bamboo forest, with weeds growing and low canopy closure.
One of the design priorities of the project is to ensure the durability of the material. In order to protect the vegetation in the lake, the team combines the edge of the water, the trails and small habitats. In order to reduce the interference to the environment, the viewing space is raised and the relative privacy is guaranteed. Material selection also adheres to the principle of simplicity, selecting composite wood, weathering steel and concrete.
The wooden material and the weathering steel are treated in a certain structure and are placed under low-key in the protected landscape. The branches and stumps left by transplanting the poplars are also used again and placed in the field. It makes people feel a natural and subtle attitude.