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Weathering Steel for Landscaping in Parks

  As corten steel plate or corten steel sheet can be perfectly combined with the waterfront landscape, weathering steel for landscaping has now become a popular.
Weathering steel originated in North America, and has been used as a building façade material in North America, Western Europe, Australia, and Japan and Korea in Asia. The main technical support point that weathering steel plate can be used as facade material is that rust steel plate has superior corrosion resistance compared with ordinary weathering steel.
The existence of this dense oxide film prevents the oxygen and water in the atmosphere from penetrating into the steel substrate, slows down the development of rust into the steel material, and greatly improves the atmospheric corrosion resistance and decorative effect of the rust steel plate material.
Studies have shown that, with different compositions of rust steel plates and the use of steel components in different environments, the resistance to atmospheric corrosion of rust steel plates can be 5-8 times higher than that of ordinary weathering steel.
The special dense oxide layer that can be formed on the surface of the rusty steel plate has a stable, uniform natural rust red, which makes it an attractive building exterior material, and it is also a revolutionary material for the new generation of curtain wall decoration. Cost-effective and stainless steel.