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Weathering steel design of the Hungarian Volcano Museum

Located in western Spain, this volcanic museum is made up of dark grey concrete and rust-resistant A588 weathering steel, designed by the Verdes Architects in Budapest. The Volcano Museum is on the plain between Celldomolk and the extinct volcano, which had a series of volcanoes five million years ago. Verdes Architects won the museum's design competition for its clever use of the shape and color of the volcano.
Unlike simple imitation, the architects further abstracted the shape of the volcano, echoing the volcanic shape of the volcanic eruption through the uniform gray of concrete, the lava-like color of the weathering steel, and the flue-like arrangement. Entering the interior of the building, the entrance connects to a high atrium. A small skylight on the roof introduces sunlight into the atrium to recreate the feeling inside the volcano. The interior of the building is all exposed concrete walls, connecting all four exhibition spaces in the museum through a steel staircase.