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Weathering Steel Coastal Trail Project

This weathering steel project not only provides people with coastal trails, but also becomes a brand-new scenic spot for viewing the sea. The slender trail is suspended between the sea and the sky, forming a magnificent landscape picture with nature. The softly curved road contrasts sharply with the huge fortress and the rocks under the castle.
The trail sometimes clings to the rock wall, sometimes hangs over the rock, sometimes passes through the mountain, subtly blending in the rock, and carefully traversing the rich natural space of the coast. The red trail fence is made of weathering steel to ensure people's safety in the event of a big wave. The metal railings are dense and dense, which avoids the impact on the viewing field under the premise of ensuring safety, and the rust red hue is in harmony with the iron-bearing rock.
The widened part of the weathering steel trail provides a space for people to rest; the part close to the rock wall uses a stainless steel grid as the ground, and the sea below can be seen through the grid; the concrete road part is suspended above the rock , Exposed to the turbulent waves; when the big wave hits, the sea water passes through the stainless steel grid, thereby reducing the impact of the big wave on the trail and ensuring the stability of the structure.
In addition, the design team also simulated 14 tons of impact force per square meter in the La-Seyne-sur-Mer basin, and tested the impact resistance of the weathering steel structure of the walkway. In addition, in order to ensure the durability of the material, special protection measures have been taken in the design. For example, the part of the trail most exposed to the waves is reinforced to make the material density reach about 400kg/m3. Because the structure of the walkway is partially suspended in the air, the construction technology is more complicated. It is necessary to suspend the workers on the platform of the castle for construction work. In addition, a drilling machine is needed to fix the 25-meter-long tension rod during construction.
The sea walkway is connected to the fortress, the vertical light shaft provides natural light to the tunnel, and the stairs connected to the tunnel lead to the viewing platform on the upper part of the castle. The side walls and ceiling of the passage are made of fair-faced concrete, with lights embedded in the ceiling. The surface of the concrete material retains the wooden texture of the template, forming a delicate light and shadow effect under the irradiation of light.