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Weathering steel bridge technology

Weathering steel is a low alloy high strength steel. Its trade name is Corten steel. As a "structural steel with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance", it is a non-patent product.
The first weather-resistant steel steel bridge in the UK was completed in 1967 and was a pedestrian bridge at York University. The material was used in many bridges around the UK for about 30 years.
However, since 2001, the use of weathering steel on bridges has increased significantly, thanks to the deletion of a code at this time, which restricts the use of this code on highways with headroom less than 7.5 meters above the road material. It is now the material of choice for various bridge decks.
The benefits of using weathering steel conventional steel bridges with automated manufacturing and construction technology can provide economical solutions for the requirements of safe, fast construction, aesthetics, low beam height, minimal maintenance and flexibility in future use. Weathering steel bridges have all these qualities, plus the following further benefits.
Maintenance is very low. Regular inspection and cleaning should be the only maintenance required to ensure that the bridge continues to operate satisfactorily. Therefore, weathering steel steel bridges are ideal for places where maintenance is difficult or dangerous in the future, and where there is a need to minimize traffic disruptions, such as major roads or railways.