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Weathering Steel A588 Gallery Residence, Spain / Raúl Sánchez Architects

During the concept phase of the project, Raúl Sánchez presented the idea of combining the artistic background of the home with the winery. Every year, the winery invites a famous sculptor to create sculptures in the vineyard, regardless of theme, location and materials. The sculpture garden is now surrounded by works by Joan Brossa, Frederic Amat, Evru and Eva Lootz. From the beginning of the project, each artist needed a small amount of intervention in the house itself to create a continuous visit experience for different parts of the winery.
By providing a "cross" space for the A588 weathering steel through the plane and profile, the interior of the house is clearly and accurately divided, while the four facades are provided with wide windows that make them intimate with the surrounding picturesque landscape. contact. The "Cross" itself has been expanded as a transportation space to accommodate more functions than ever before.
These spaces are covered by A588 weather-resistant steel sheets, echoing the material theme of the winery. The work of the famous artist Josep Guinovart runs through the space – he is a close friend of the owner and has invested a lot of energy in the winery. On the first floor, the kitchen, bathroom and warehouse space form a circular path, and the weathering steel penetrates all indoor spaces of different heights, increasing the layering and complexity of the interior space. The second floor has 5 bedrooms and each has a separate corner bathroom.