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Weathering steel A588 forest spiral sightseeing tower

The architectural studio EFFEKT has released a 600-meter treetop corridor plan. The air corridor is connected to the spiral sightseeing tower. On the A588 weather-resistant steel sightseeing tower, you can enjoy the 360-degree view of the forest canopy of Haslev in Denmark. The local studio designed a continuous wooden ramp as the entrance to the camp adventure, a treetop adventure park in the Glisselfeld Kloster forest in Heslev, one hour south of Copenhagen. The 45-meter-tall sightseeing tower is surrounded by a weather-resistant steel frame and is shaped like an hourglass.
This is designed to provide structural support while minimizing occlusion of the surrounding forest landscape and subtly blending in with the surrounding natural tones. The tower's enlarged pedestal and top are designed to provide structural support, while people can better appreciate the landscape of the forest canopy.