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WearTuf 400 Wear Resistant Steel

  WearTuf 400 is available in wear resistant steel plate and wear resistant steel sheet, so it can meet customers' lightweight design and application requirements.
WearTuf 400 can be widely used in traditional earthmoving, mining and transportation equipment such as buckets, dump trucks, dump trucks, crushers, hammers, conveyors and other mining transportation equipment.
The microstructure of this wear-resistant steel is a martensite structure, which can ensure the high hardness and tensile hardness of the steel plate. weartuf400 is 2.5 times harder than S355 structural steel. High hardness and tensile strength provide high abrasion resistance in rolling contact. Despite its high hardness and strength, it can also be formed by free bending or crimping, and has good solderability.
WearTuf 400 is a full martensitic wear-resistant steel plate after quenching or quenching and tempering, with an average Brinell hardness of 400.
WearTuf 400 wear-resistant steel plate also has good wear resistance, weldability and cold forming performance. Due to the high impact toughness, the steel sheet has good crack resistance during manufacturing and use.