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Visiting the weathering steel landscape road near the military venues

The construction of the 10th road is the main passage of the Wuhan Railway Station to the main venue of the beach volleyball of the Military Games. After upgrading the files, the old appearance of the road will be replaced by a new look. It is not only a veritable landscape avenue, but also a display of the Red Steel City culture to the outside world. A city card.
The total length of the Jianshi Road project is about 3.5 kilometers. Eight surrounding parks and three port canals are connected in series. During the renovation and construction, the design and construction unit has carried out the re-greening design for 11 abandoned plots along the road. In addition, the road also combines the construction concept of “Sponge City”, and along the line, it also sets up the first weather-resistant steel edging stone in China, which is both anti-collision and anti-corrosion. The murals that show the historical features, the industrial elements that can be seen everywhere, make the whole road exude a unique culture of Honggang City culture.