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Village of Gabled Corten Steel Structures

Corten-A weathering steel is a meterial which oxidates in a short term period, in order to create its own protection, neutralizing its deterioration,due to strong weather resistance of corten steel.
The house is separated into three volumes with distinct functions that are unified by their identically pitched roofs and the use of pre-weathered steel to clad all of the exterior surfaces.
"While these traditional forms echo local vernacular, they are made absolutely modern through their Corten cladding, expansive fenestration, and minimalist detailing," MLSA added.
MLSA is known for its use of vernacular materials and construction techniques, influenced by its Atlantic Canadian context.
The firm's other completed projects include a boxy wooden house on stilts that extends over a rocky outcrop, and a pre-rusted steel cabin for an architecture intern on the Shobac farmstead.