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Villa Dwelling Designed By Corten A Weathering Sheet

The house built on the outer layer of Corten A weathering steel sheet has hardly been seen, and the Belgian architectural firm DMOA Architecten shows us such a residential building built with Corten A weathering steel sheet inside and outside - Corten House.
Corten House is located on the outskirts of Antwerp, Belgium, and “corten” itself has the meaning of “weathering”. The designer draws inspiration from the oxidized steel sheet material, and pays attention to the visual structural unity during the actual construction process. The Corten House is clearly structured and compact from the outside, and the backyard pool and small garden are arranged together to save space and protect privacy while complementing functionality. The most amazing thing is that the unique rust color of the Corten A weathering steel sheet is offset at sunset when compared with the surrounding natural scenery. The projection of the silhouette brings a dramatic landscape effect, which is amazing.