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Unconventional Church SA588 Weathering Steel Monica Church

The Monica Church was designed by the architectural studio Vicens + Ramos, and the exaggerated shape accentuates the directionality of the body. SA588 weathering steel finish makes it more tensionable and more solid.
The design of the project follows the guidance of the parish council and meets the requirements of the Santa Monica parish, placing all the relevant sites related to the church, the parish office and the pastor's residence in a SA588 Gr.A weathering steel building.
The whole SA588 Gr.A weathering steel building atmosphere is two parts, one is the church. Strictly speaking, it should be a daily chapel, it is a huge steel porch structure; the main part of the second part is the weathering steel structure, inside There are some housing and parish rooms. These two parts are joined together by a layer of low-alloy high-strength steel, which looks like a huge, bloated appearance.