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Transustainable SA588 Gr.A Corten Steel Plate House / SUGAWARADAISUKE

This small Tokyo house with SA588 Gr.A Corten Steel Plate as the skin responded positively to the four conditions of the place. The venue is small-thus extending the sense of space and diversified life-setting up the highly flexible SA588 Gr.A Corten Steel Plate space, changing the urban appearance-providing a variety of exterior skins to contact the external environment.
The SA588 Gr.A Corten Steel Plate space is an artificially dominated environment – ​​providing a variety of alternatives, the SA588 Gr.A Corten Steel Plate building responds from the inside to the outside, and has living spaces that can flexibly adapt to changes in citizens' lifestyles to enrich And sustainable new ideas. The venue is small – hence the sense of space.
Small housing is common in Tokyo. The architect maximizes the excavation of the limited living space, cuts the living space into small pieces and arranges them diagonally, so that the space formed between the site and the site becomes a semi-indoor living space, and gives it a weather-resistant steel skin to extend Sense of space.
Diversified Life-Set up the highly flexible SA588 Gr.A Corten Steel Plate space. Today, the lives of urban citizens are no longer fixed and migration has become the norm. For this purpose, this house can be used in 3 states of family life. If these ideas are promoted, the potential of many Japanese houses will be greatly increased.
The Changing Face of the City-Provides a diverse weathering steel outer skin that contacts the external environment. The buildings of SA588 Gr.A Corten Steel Plate exist in the environment and also react to the environment. To this end, the architect explored the connection between the appearance of the building and the environment. The SA588 Gr.A Corten Steel Plate and perforated metal mesh on the small house will appear mottled and leave marks over time due to the erosion of wind and rain. The exterior of the building was designed by the architect, and the other half was given to nature.
Artificially Dominated Environments—Providing multiple alternatives, people in cities routinely use air conditioners and air conditioners to regulate room temperature. And this SA588 Gr.A Corten Steel Plate house provides a gradient scene of 4 people in contact with nature: fully controlled indoor, medium controlled indoor, medium controlled outdoor, and outdoor that cannot be controlled. It is helpful for residents to feel the change of the four seasons.