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The Zhongdan center building built of weathering steel

The Zhongdan center building, built of weathering steel, was completed in yanqihu campus of Chinese Academy of Sciences. This is a unique young building. It integrates micro energy consumption and intelligence, and adopts environmental protection design such as woven weather resistant steel sunshade on the outside. The interior is full of artistic sense and modern atmosphere. It will bring together Chinese and Danish cultures on the same roof, provide a new and broader contract platform for education, scientific research and enterprises of the two countries, and support a shared and win-win vision.
Different from common buildings, Zhongdan central building does not use conventional curtains to block the sun, but sets up multi-directional woven weather resistant steel sunshade screen outside the glass curtain wall. It doesn't adapt to the different facade orientation and light incidence angle of the building, so that the ideal shading effect can be achieved everywhere in the building. The North-South shading screen of the building forms a 90 degree angle with the building facade, while the East-West shading screen forms a 60 degree angle with the building.
This design breaks the traditional appearance design concept, the mechanical aesthetic is full.In addition, the coffee color of the building is the protective layer formed naturally after weathering steel has been corroded in the air for half a year. After this kind of weathering steel is exposed to a certain degree of corrosion in the air, it will automatically form a protective layer to prevent further rust and corrosion.We who are always in pursuit of design aesthetic sense have not thought of the natural rust that gives this building its most perfect color matching, the dialogue between light and architecture, and the combination of nature and design, which makes the natural gift of the creator and the aesthetic sense of architecture play the ultimate blending effect.
Such a tall building has been praised by overseas students from all over the world. Patrick Mayne, a student volunteer at the opening ceremony and innovation management major of Zhongdan University, said that everything here is very good, especially when he can see the Great Wall from the classroom window, which is an experience he has never had.
It is said that architecture and design are part of life. From inside to outside, the central building in China and Denmark shows the attitude of Danish designers and Chinese builders towards life. There are hundreds of rivers in the sea, and it is huge. With the integration of nature and technology, and the collision of culture and thought, this glass castle from the kingdom of fairy tales will not only bring different colors to the campus, but also create greater value for the academic exchange, talent training and enterprise cooperation between China and Denmark.