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The Tang S355JOW weathering steel noodle hall in New York

The Tang S355JOW Weathering Steel Noodle House is a creative Chinese noodle restaurant in the heart of New York City. It is now more mature and aims to bring a richer variety of Chinese cuisine to the Upper West Side. The Tang S355JOW weathering steel restaurant is first store in East Village, New York, was opened by two young people who had just graduated from New York University and it is one of the representatives of emerging creative Chinese restaurants.
The Tang S355JOW Weathering Steel Noodle Hall in Upper West Side retains some of the most popular dishes, including drunk noodles, braised beef noodles, and many other creative dishes that were previously limited by the kitchen space. In addition to the novel Chinese dishes such as cola chicken wings and salted egg yolk tiger shrimp balls, the restaurant chef has also developed some dishes that fit foreign flavors, such as grilled eggplant with Japanese style wooden fish flower and bone soup with beef bone marrow. Etc. (a Vietnamese style of eating).
Continuing the design style of the first storefront, the new store retains the tradition of an open kitchen while making the interior space more refined and more atmospheric. The interior design was completed by the New Practice Studio, which is different from the lively style of the Dongcun store. The store in the Upper West Side is dominated by black and dark red, and the store uses S355JOW weathering steel. The countertop is made of walnut, and the wall and floor are covered with red herringbone tiles.
The overall space tries to find a balance between the East and West, and the two walls show two murals on the opposite wall, and incorporate the geometric elements of the Chinese garden into the frame. The classic neon sign shows the words "The Tang", providing a backdrop for the space. The open kitchen in the middle of the restaurant is surrounded by a bar seat where guests can easily talk to friends around while watching the activities in the kitchen.
“I want to reflect how the Chinese eat in China.” Restaurant owner Yu Li said: “They may order a special dandelion with a hand-wrapped cabbage. As long as the food is delicious, it is enough for them. I am very happy.” The Tang Noodle Hall is such a comfortable and pleasant place to surprise. In addition to The Tang's face, Yu Li is the owner of the Tang Hotpot S355JOW weathering steel hot pot restaurant. The two restaurants belong to the same company and aim to bring Chinese culture to the local catering industry in New York and promote dialogue between Eastern and Western cultures based on continuous innovation in the dishes.