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The mystery of the perfect fit of the country of laterite and weathering steel

The exterior wall of the Australian Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo built by weathering steel, the color of the curtain wall gradually deepens with the passage of time, and finally forms a thick red ocher color, just like the red soil of Australian outback. The smooth sculptural shape of the Australian pavilion is like rolling rocks in the Australian wilderness.

The exterior of the Australian national pavilion is made of Corten steel. With the development of the Shanghai World Expo, the appearance color of the national pavilion will show a gradual effect because of the rust characteristics of Corten steel: the orange gradually changes from light to dark and eventually becomes The thick red ocher color is reminiscent of the red soil of the Australian outback. Australia's striking shapes and colors not only present Australia's ancient landscape, but also show the subtle modern urban design standards.
After completing the roof construction, the Australian National Pavilion has recently entered the installation phase of the weather-resistant facade. During the 2010 World Expo, this special weathering steel material will be automatically sealed and oxidized according to the changes in humidity in the air in Shanghai, eventually forming a thick red ocher color, which is exactly the Australian desert or called the "red center" The most beautiful iconic feature in the strip.
The exhibits at the Australian Pavilion will focus on Australia's strong and dynamic economy, efforts to maintain economic sustainability, technological advantages and innovative spirit, world-class research and education institutions, rich and diverse cultures, natural beauty and quality of life .
The Australian Pavilion is a place where fun and leisure are equal, which is suitable for tourists of all ages. Visitors will have the opportunity to communicate with bilingual Australian staff, enjoy wonderful performances by Australian musicians and artists, and taste world-renowned Australian food, wine and drinks.