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The fusion of Szatmáry Palace and weathering steel

  The Szathmáry palace, designed by weathering steel, located in the southeast of Pecs, is one of Hungary's most valuable historical monuments. The palace is located on a hill overlooking the city. It has become a pile of ruins through the changes of the past. This renewal project started because the city was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture in 2010. The ruins will be the backdrop for the summer theater.
 The designer implanted an L-shaped weather-resistant steel plate structure in one corner, a very thin towering building. People climbed up the stairs to see the beautiful city scenery. The lower space of this structure contains some facilities of the summer theater, and the perforated weather-resistant steel plate is used as the material. Light can penetrate its structure to form a rich light and shadow effect. The concept of thin and light construction objects is contrary to the original building, and the emphasis is not on "recovery".
 The ground was cleared. The same materials are used for the stage and seats: weather-resistant steel plates. The seats are located in the area that was originally indoors, and the stage is on the west side of the ruins, with the elevation slightly above the ground.
 The remnant wall is as ancient as the relics of geology. The scattered and unreliable ruins of the building make it difficult for people to realize the imagination of the past scenes. The ruins are therefore preserved without restoration. Use the vision here as much as possible for planning and design.
 This renewal project uses a powerful method to unify and complete the ruins and their environment. Because it is impossible to restore such a complicated ruin, the designer, on the basis of maintaining the original appearance, used intervention to guide this place to a new direction, redefine it, and make it a place to linger.