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The contexts in which the corten can be applied are many

Corten steel: Applications
The contexts in which the corten can be applied are many:
Design forms that integrate architecture and landscape: in this case the Corten is leading a creative encounter between art, history and architecture. The aim is to make tangible the interconnection relationship between the architectural elements and the environmental context in which they arise.
An interesting example in this regard, is the work of Cuadra in the project “Brisighella Nuova 2.0 – Comunità Ospitale “: the aim is to create an urban space that can improve the lives of citizens and to enhance, in smart perspective, all the excellence of the small town in the province of Ravenna.
The metal corten flower pot holders signed Cuadra, in fact, have been placed in Piazza Marconi, the main square of the Brisighella village, and integrate with the surrounding space and tying favoring the balance between aesthetics, functionality and architecture. Every centimeter of the square thus acquires its value and becomes green “living.”
Surface use: corten steel is very well suited to the realizations of particular indoor/outdoor which are able to impart an elegant and welcoming appearance.
Outdoor area – urban design: the need in this case is to characterize the public space in a functional way, enhance the appearance.
An interesting example is the realization of Cuadra to the Port of Numana (AN): a project of landscape that is not only creating a new urban space, but use the same harmonic and functional terms. The studied composition includes a series of corten steel elements that decorate the quay of the port and at the same time integrate harmoniously with the surrounding open space: benches, litter bins, bollards and flower pot holders made of corten.
A realization that makes the beauty into the starting point for a larger project to rethink the port area in terms of efficiency: it means to live the city thinking about a space that persists over time, respecting the environmental rhythms.