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The Arizona state university institute of technology's academic center

  The weathering-resistant steel construction of the Arizona State University Polytechnic Institute campus covers an area of​about 8.5 hectares, including five new comprehensive teaching buildings. The purpose of the project is to transform the former air base into a place suitable for learning. The site landscape is similar to the Sonoran Desert. The designers transformed an existing asphalt road into a stream with a certain permeability and water storage function, flowing through the newly-built building and campus, applying the unique time expression effect of weathering steel to all corners of the campus, so that teachers and students in Being able to get close to the natural environment in daily life also increases the opportunities for communication between people.
As a label for technology and cultural creativity, metal and glass are used in simple modern creativity because of its simple modern form, and the rusting material of weathering steel plate is naturally given the label of science, technology, culture and art. The design with cultural heritage is gradually extended to some fashionable and creative campus environments. Increased the historical charm and cultural heritage of the campus.
 As a special material, corten steel is used in all aspects of the campus. The Arizona State University Library has 6 branches in different fields, with more than 3.1 million books, more than 6 million microfilms and more than 40,000 journals. It has fully realized computer retrieval of books and is the 29th largest research library in the United States. . There are also many well-known academic institutions on campus, such as the University Art Museum, the American Art Collection, the Solid State Science Research Center, and the Planetary Geology Laboratory established by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
 Taylor Space accommodation area: The dormitory building provides students with lounges, chat rooms, laundry rooms, built-in dining rooms, vending machines, sports fields and private balconies, 4,000 square meters of small gardens, games areas and fitness areas. The lobby also contains a variety of cafes. There are single beds, window curtains, desks and chairs, trash cans, kitchens, shared or private bathrooms. The community provides rooms for students with disabilities. Dormitory security management includes dormitory instructors, equipment management, monitors, and 24-hour service staff.
 There are a variety of clubs in the school, of which sports clubs provide many choices for boys and girls. Boys 'sports clubs include: baseball clubs, basketball clubs, football clubs, golf clubs, swimming clubs, etc. Girls' clubs include: basketball, golf, diving, tennis, beach volleyball, and more. The school also offers a variety of activities, in addition to sports, including: forest exploration, talking, writing exercises and so on.