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Chiavicone Bondanello uses the final stage of the A588 weathering steel renovation project, Italy

The final phase of the “Chiavicone Bondanello” renovation project, which began in 2009, is to add A588 weathering steel elements to the building. The building was originally built in the 16th century and its existing exterior was derived from a reconstruction in 1900. In 1960, due to the flooding of the river, the building was repaired again after partial collapse.
The renovation replaced the damaged part of the building with a new polycarbonate sheet and mesh steel structure; the interior of the building is a versatile space, including the environmental center of the Siaia River Park. The A588 weathering steel overlay connects the restored façade to the new volume and clearly reveals their separation structure. Looking at the facade from a different perspective will have different feelings. It highlights the historical face of the building, emphasizing the integration with contemporary life and the sturdiness of steel. The polycarbonate wall at night is like a lamp, giving the building more social function, making it an iconic sight in the night.