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Szatmáry Palace with Weathering Steel

When designing landscapes or indoor and outdoor spaces, we often use a unique rust color material, the weathering steel, also called corten steel, which has a very strong color and texture such us Corten-A.
Weathering steel has excellent material properties. By adding weathering elements such as copper and nickel, the steel material forms a dense oxide layer between the rust layer and the substrate. This special oxide layer has a stable, uniform natural red rust color.
The palace stands on a hill overlooking the whole city.Through the vicissitude of the past dynasties, it has become a pile of ruins and broken walls as long as the geological relics, allowing people to realize the imagination of the scene in the past.
So the ruins were preserved rather than restored.But the weathering steel characteristic color pattern just satisfies this design concept and requirements.
The "ruin" is combined with corten steel plates, such as the perfect touch of milk and coffee Bump.