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Staircase made of A588 weathering steel

The architect extracted the evacuation stairs of the workshop, the maintenance of the roof solar panels, the path across the pool, the indoor staircase of the office building, and the uniform A588 weathering steel plate, or the externalization visible, or the sinking Or let it pass through the flying towers, which restores the looming, tangled, twisting and winding trails of traditional Chinese landscape paintings, and further constitutes the core clues of all the elements of the series - not only visible It is also available for travel and use.
Evacuation stairs and walkway auxiliary streamlines are arranged outside the shop function block, making the subdivision of the interior space more free. The corridors and stairs that are attached to the wall provide a convenient route for workers to pass to the canteen and dormitory, and are also a place for workers to take a short break. The stairs on the roof provide convenience for the maintenance of the top solar panels, and it is also an outdoor activity space for the surplus.