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Spring pond courtyard made of weathering steel

The natural Spring is located in the heart of the small town of Santa Lucia di Serino in southern Italy, 40 kilometers from Naples. As one of the many tourist cities in Italy, many tourists stop here throughout the year. During the summer, the spring water has solved the thirst of travelers.
A spring basin located on the site covers only 90 square meters and is an important mark of local cultural and landscape heritage. Years of disrepair have made this spring pool dilapidated. To prevent irreversible damage, the designer decided to renovate and improve it with weathering steel plates.
The weathering steel project aims to reshape the prosperity of people living with water, implant ancient memories and traditional lifestyles into contemporary life, and use the power of water to return modern people a comfortable and beautiful living environment. The community brings a lively atmosphere. In this weathering steel project, new and old are connected by modern means. Ancient forms and corten steel plate materials are paralleled with modern life. Old memories are evoked and spring water and life blend together.
From the outside, through a brand new gate, the traveler will step into a corridor. Follow the trail to reach a laundry room covered by a green gallery. After the original paving was removed, the ancient slate floor was also exposed. These stones, called Breccia Irpinia, are the best testimonies of ancient life. Corten steel perforated panels are lined along the wall, and climbing plants grow on it deliberately, providing hot sun cover for travelers in the hot summer.
Different types of plants make the scenery in the garden show the changes of the four seasons. Corten steel's corrosion resistance makes it more suitable for use next to more humid springs than other materials. The rust marks on the surface also create a unique environmental atmosphere. With the change of the four seasons, the color of the surface of the corten steel plate is also changing slightly. Finally, after a long silence, the fountain returned to the life of the locals.