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SPA-H weathering steel container apartment

Doone Silver Kerr (DSK) Studios designed a new weathering steel apartment hotel on Lower Marsh Street in London's Waterloo neighborhood. To meet the trend of flexible housing in central London, the project combines the quality of a boutique hotel with the privatization of an apartment, providing an adaptable, high-quality space that meets the needs of residents for life, work, dining and sleep. All aspects of the need.
The design focuses on simplicity, robustness and durability. The hotel has a 5-storey modular volume with a total of 20 rooms, each consisting of 30 feet of recycled SPA-H weathering steel containers. The interior surface of the SPA-H container is covered with stone, colored or natural colored plywood. High performance materials maximize the durability and durability of the interior. These containers were designed as fully self-contained structures – a number of studies conducted by DSK to ensure that each room meets building codes.
The hotel's striking façade is welded from a series of steel fin elements that combine privacy and shading. The multi-surface wall gives the building a different look and feel at different angles, giving it a changing character. The interior of the fin element is painted dark orange, echoing the weathering steel material commonly used in containers.