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Sightseeing Tower Surrounded By A588 Gr.A Weathering Steel

At the same time, it minimizes the obscuration of the surrounding forest landscape and subtly blends in with the surrounding natural tones.
    Starting from the ground, the ramp guides the tourists across a layered bridge and up the first spiral ramp, then the ramp becomes gentle, passing through the forest canopy to a high-rise path. Finally, the visitor came to the spiral ramp on the 13th floor of the sightseeing tower and stood on the 360-degree A588 Gr.A weather-resistant steel viewing platform above the treetop to breathe.
    It is well known that hilly landscapes are rare in flat areas with lakes, creeks and wetlands. Glisselfeld Klosters Skove is characterized by a hilly landscape, the corridor is divided into two parts, the higher path passes through the old forest area, and the lower path is flush with the young saplings.
    The continuous ramps are completely open and feature a wide range of design features, including open-air grandstand seats, aviary, circulation channels and Q345qD weathering steel bridges for an exceptional visual experience.