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Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden

  The Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden is located in the Sheshan National Scenic Resort and Holiday Zone in Songjiang District. The designer used weather-resistant steel wall and stone blocks to express the atmosphere of the industrial era. The design method of subtraction avoids artificial breath as much as possible.
For the retaining wall at the edge of the platform, the designer wrapped it with a weather-resistant steel plate with an industrial mark and wrapped it to form a landscape interface with rhythmic changes and rhythms of light and shadow. Aiming at the exposed mountain cliffs, the designer did not adopt the conventional wrapping method, but respected the authenticity of the cliff landscape. Under the premise of effective avoidance due to safety considerations, the designer adopted a "subtraction" strategy without intervention to make the cliff wall self-repair under natural conditions such as rain and sunlight.
The corridor wrapped with weather-resistant steel plates is a gorgeous arc, which is suddenly and cheerfully based on the design of the spatial structure and the design requirements of fine texture. The plant materials meet the botanical garden display, scientific and educational functions, rich plant space levels, reasonable structure, Elegant colors.
 The designer set up a "mirror lake" on the platform. The beautiful curve of the reflection mountain can be viewed from all sides, increasing the viewing horizon. In order to transform the slightly boring facade of the mountain, a water tower was built against the mountain, which effectively adjusted its rhythm, and spring water flowed out of the mountain to increase life. Corresponding to the water tower, a flower viewing platform is set at the top of the slope on the other side of Jinghu. You can see the changing mountain scenery all year round in the water of Jinghu.
 This tour route is both exciting and peaceful, and all kinds of nature are included.