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Schandorff Square in Norway based on weathering steel

  The new Schandorff square dotted with weathering steel is connected to the green structure head and tail through a cemetery. Høegh Eiendom AS privately funded the construction of the square, which was completed in 2009 and donated to the municipal government. Around the square are some of Oslo's landmarks: Trinity Church to the south, the columns of the Deichman Library to the east, and Keysersgate Street to the west.
 The square created a 7-meter-high slope between the two streets made of weather-resistant steel. This effortless design of crossing the square was challenging. A sloping sidewalk is created. The sidewalk has a slope of up to 6.5% from the lower part of the street, with a rest area in the middle. The sidewalk is very important and dominant in the square, so a sculpture was designed to give the square a positive meaning. The process of walking from low to high has become an important process for pedestrians to experience this green area. The small square along the ramp is intertwined with the plant floor. The ancient sculpture "Apostle of Greenland" is finally no longer affected by cars in the parking lot, and is quietly in a beautiful green.
The intention of the design is to construct a green belt in the center of the city in a concise manner. The main body of the sidewalk, the surface and the retaining wall, are all made of original concrete. This small square is paved with light grey granite and the walls are constructed of corten steel, creating a warm atmosphere.
 The lawn contributes to the quiet neighbourhood of Trinity Church. The two big trees were well protected during the construction period, and together with a large number of iris flowers, catnip, lavender and lady's mantle, created a lush and beautiful effect, which was blue overall in the changing seasons Of shades.
 In a tight area, a cherry forest with white flowers in spring can quickly create a healthy and good urban environment. The office also prepared design sketches for the nearby Trinity Church. It is hoped that the plan will be realized soon and help to form a complete regional space.