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SA588 Weathering Steel Rusty House

Design company: OK Plan Architects project location: Czech project type: residential space material: wood concrete weathering steel.
"SA588 weathering steel rusty house" was built in 2005 and is located in a small town in Humpolec, Czech Republic. It illustrates the possibility of building a SA588 weather-resistant steel home in a small, restricted site.
The materials in the house show what they are: smooth concrete floors, bare SA588Gr.A weathered steel structures that form the basic axis, corrugated sheet metal on the ceiling, and concrete mortar layers used on the walls.
The exterior of the weathering steel house is covered with a layer of pre-rusted metal material (Corten steel). The garden landscape is an integral part of the building, allowing the home to naturally blend into the ranks of nearby buildings. The dense trees that surround the home make it look like a looming effect.