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Länsisalmi S355JOW Weathering Steel Power Station, Finland / Parviainen Architects

The S355JOW Weathering Steel Power Station is located at the intersection of Route 3 and the Porvoonväylä Expressway. The project is to upgrade and expand the 400 kV Länsisalmi substation under the Finnish power grid.
The main grid of the Finnish power grid transmits electricity to the homes of 800,000 residents of Vantaa and Helsinki through the S355JOW weathering steel power station. The concept of construction comes from electricity and its visual performance: light.
The parallel distribution of the S355JOW weather-resistant steel power station and the side traffic inspired the designer to create a weathering steel building with a visually appealing and impressive weather. The volume and layout of the A588 weather-resistant steel building on the site followed functional requirements, but did not set any boundaries that inhibited creative and open structural expression.
As a result, the common gray transformer building in the public impression turned into a shining lantern, and a 50-meter-high standard vertical truss structure became the iconic weathering steel arch structure in the area.
In a three-story concrete framed GIS building, a switchgear and its cable set occupy the largest space. Other technical facilities are located in three floors on the south side of the building. The towering arched structure is made of weathering steel tubing with a diameter of 800 mm.
The maintenance-free nature of weathering steel is an important factor for designers to choose it as the high structural material. The natural and warm rust of weathering steel resonates harmoniously with other façades.