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S355J0W Weathering Steel Recreation Area, Norway / Saunders Architecture

Sarpsborg is a green, flat and peaceful place in southern Norway. It is a traditional stopover for travelers to and from Sweden. In 2004, the Norwegian Highway Department approached Sanders with a local government for a new S355J0W weathering steel project in the area; but uniquely, the special needs of the commission were not determined in advance.
Sanders recalled that the person in charge of the S355J0W weathering steel project had been paying attention to my work and asked me to do something in this field, although they had no specific ideas about my work. In a way, I came up with this program almost myself, it is very free and creative.
Focusing on the S355J0W weathering steel building site, Saunders aims to identify its challenges and advantages to define its problems and opportunities. He works closely with clients to not only develop the optimal design solution, but a brief description of the project itself. He explained that we discussed what we needed and the architecture was born.
The speed and noise of adjacent highways will only increase the need for travelers to rest and reconnect with nature, so a green rest space is first. A low S355J0WP weathering steel fence ramp surrounds the lounge area, defining a 2,000-square-meter area, while spring flowering fruit trees decorate the courtyard. Here, Sanders teamed up with graphic designer Camilla Holcroft to design seven S355J0WP weathering steel pavilions that showcase information about local Bronze Age rock carvings.
Sanders said that the surrounding forest is full of rock carvings, but no one knows them, because everyone just drives by and wants to go to Oslo. These S355J0W weathering steel buildings also provide options for temporary artist exhibitions. The flatness of the landscape means that the beauty of the surrounding nature can only be appreciated at a certain height, so the creation of the tower quickly became a major part of the building. The asymmetric wall of the ramp rises from 0.4 meters and then forms a simple 9-story structure of 30 meters on the northern edge of the base, including a staircase and an elevator. The tower is called Solberg (Solberg), and it overlooks the nearby coastline and Oslo Fjord from the air, which is really fascinating. Finally, the design style and aesthetics are developed in conjunction with the surrounding existing buildings; the choice of minimal and geometric modern shapes contrasts the more traditional forms of local agricultural villages. The main materials used are weathering steel for exterior walls and warm oil hardwood for courtyard design elements and information points. Local slate and fine gravel are paved on the ground.
The Soberg tower and S355J0W weathering steel recreation area completed in summer 2010 are located in Sarpsborg, Norway. It has the calm green plains of Southern Norway and is often visited by local and Swedish tourists. The project was launched in 2004 by a local road plan. The owner does not have too many restrictions on the S355J0W weathering steel project, so the architect can create very freely. Putting users first, people stop here and admire the beautiful scenery of the nearby forests and coastlines, avoid the noise of the nearby highway, and enjoy a green resting space.