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Quiet dining space under weathering steel canopy

The weathering steel Brix 0.1 restaurant in the Lido Park in the mountain town of Bressanone in northern Italy has taken the city's green space to a great leap forward.  This iconic weathering steel building is perfectly integrated into the natural environment.  The simple and highly sculptural A588 weathering steel building is like a flat funnel, opening to the lake, turning the beautiful lake shore and small green trees into a tranquil landscape painting.
The sculptural A588 weathering steel ceiling shields the dining space from wind and rain, and continues to extend forward along the tall glass curtain wall, guiding people's eyes to the peaceful lake view.  The location of the weathering steel building next to the lake also brings a unique perspective.  The outdoor dining space under the roof, which is not affected by wind and rain, is connected to the open platform suspended on the lake, which also integrates the restaurant and the lake.  Corten steel's exterior walls and the white awnings on the platform are soft and soft, creating a unique leisure atmosphere for the park.
 This A588 weathering steel building has become the most important space in the park area, attracting countless visitors.  On the rear side, a white square structure is embedded in it, which becomes a place for all logistics service facilities.
 The tall glass curtain wall is transparent and bright, which blurs the boundaries of this weathering steel building space, and also makes the indoor and outdoor spaces a landscape in each other's eyes, further enhancing the experience of the park space.  The irregular hexagonal corten steel is connected to each other, which adds a layer of rich skin to the restaurant.
The building's interior, open kitchen creates a connection between diners and food, making all preparation processes clearly visible.  At night, the building lights up, and the weathering steel building emits a warm halo like a lantern by the lake.  All this is reflected on the lake like a mirror, like a dream.