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Planetarium wrapped in A588 weathering steel

Archiview, a Dutch architectural studio, designed a spiral dome structure A588 weathering steel cinema in the center of Groningen, a modern building with an inspiring curiosity and a desire to explore. It has a striking appearance. Looking far away, it is like a hat, an eyeball or an alien UFO.
The studio called Infoversum is the brainchild of Prof. Edwin Valentijn of the University of Groningen. He is invited to participate in the design of the project, trying to use the deformation of the building space to make science more common and more Easy to experience, let the public have closer contact with science, so he proposed the original concept of the cinema, creating opportunities for the audience to experience the multidimensional view concept of the universe through 3D projection. Bringing together scientific, commercial and cultural activities, this unique weathering steel building is like a home, where information about the surrounding things and innovations is transmitted and shared in order to create a sustainable environment.