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Pioneer Village A588Gr.A Weathering Steel Station, Toronto / All Design + SGA/IBI Group Architects

The Pioneer Village Station A588Gr.A weathering steel station is located diagonally opposite the intersection of Steels Avenue and Northwest Gate, and also provides a gateway to the future renovation of Steels Avenue West. The ground building portion of the station has been completed to maximize the potential of the station's transport function.
The daily parking spaces and associated access are located in the corridor to the north of the A588Gr.A weathering station, which can accommodate the parking needs of 1,881 cars. The main entrance to the subway is located on the north side of Steels Avenue. It also provides a platform for the YRT bus terminal and a parking space for commuter cars.
The A588Gr.A weathering steel station main entrance and the YRT bus station are TTC substations. The operation and maintenance of the YRT bus terminal will be handled by the York District (000000000000000000000York Region). The YRT sidewalk will start at the main entrance, running through the parking lot and the YRT bus terminal, providing a protected safe route for pedestrians.
An automatic door entrance is located south of the northwest side of the northwest gate of Sisi Stil Avenue, next to the bus stop. The bus terminal can be connected by the new track and field, the northwest gate and the new west road to the south of the bus terminus. The second automatic entrance is located at the southern end of the TTC bus terminal. There are two large squares at the ends of the station to ensure that some facilities, or some facilities in the future, will pass through the top of the A588Gr.A weathering station. The extra weight of backfilling also helps to reduce the effects of buoyancy caused by high water levels.
The roof of the entrance building is a cool roof, and the roof of the TTC bus terminal and substation building is a green roof. The choice of glass is a bright, bird-friendly porous glass. The outer wall is made of S355JOW weathering steel metal plate with enamel plate on the base. TTC bus terminals, entrance buildings and substations are covered with glass or enamel on the weathering steel panels above the contact area. The hard scene is a combination of white and grey concrete patterns and architecture. The soft scene is taken from the local area, and the landscape plants with high durability and low maintenance cost are selected.