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Piercing pavilion made of perforated A588 weathering steel

In Toronto Park, Plant Architect used A588 weather-resistant steel to create a series of wing-like structures for birdwatchers with patterns and information about local species. The building is located in the bird sanctuary of East Point Park in the city. The designer used the project as part of a local initiative to protect and enhance the habitat of birds.
The program includes a main viewing space, a hidden bird watching spot and two entrance signs. They are all made of Corten steel. Each structure is in a different form of folding, with the purpose of “evoking up the flight” and cutting the steel surface with information about the local environment and wildlife.
The viewing space is at the heart of the project, located on a prime location that overlooks the countryside. The project consists of two pavilions that mirror each other. Below the wing-shaped steel roof, concrete benches extend along the walls to provide shelter for visitors from the wind and rain.
“The city is looking for a 'sharp' building as a central gathering point for the park,” Plant Architect co-founder Mary Tremain told Dezeen. “It can be a meeting place, a shelter from rain, and even somewhere it can accommodate a group of school children.” The building, known as the Soundscape Pavilion, will be completely enclosed, encouraging visitors to “appreciate the birds.” The sound of the forest.