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Peconic A588 Weathering Steel Residence, New York

South Fork, based in Long Island, New York, attracts artists with inspiration and dreams to satisfy their unique natural conditions. The most prestigious area is The Hamptons. In the harmony of the sun and the beautiful scenery, the talents of the artists make this area a major city of American contemporary art and architecture.
However, in recent years, these famous names have also brought about an unpleasant development for The Hamptons. The uneven construction of the standards has sprung up, the population of the population has increased rapidly, and traffic has become increasingly stagnation. Living here even began to give the world a negative impression of showing off. After accepting an appointment from an old client, we began to think about how to create a A588 weathering steel house that overlooks the Peconic Bay and has the literary atmosphere of the Hamptons and contemporary elegance.
Consisting of a 372-square-meter building and a 186-square-meter terrace, the Peconic House is gracefully wedged into the hills of the northern sycamore tree. The home stretches laterally close to the ground, designed to not obscure the light required by the trees and to reveal the original landscape of Peconic Bay. The roof is planted with native turf to reduce the environmental impact of the man-made building, while weathering steel minimizes the impact of the building on the basin. The 61-meter-long terrace is parallel to the house, descending from the hills and extending westward to form a 23-meter infinity pool. The concrete, pine, recycled wood and weathering steel we used also made the building's original angular contours blend together; the houses and the terraces corresponded to each other and gently immersed in the original vegetation and coastline. These raw materials will be colored by nature in a unique color after a long period of time, and eventually become part of the earth landscape.