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Niushou Mountain Weathering Steel Garden

This thousand-year-old Buddhist shrine is home to Ming Dynasty temples, ancient tombs and palaces, characteristic villages and reservoirs. Entering the quiet square in the heart of the park, visitors will pass through a series of Zen gardens under the guidance of the explanatory features SA588 Gr.A weathering steel, and pass through a series of spaces. The design of SA588 Gr.A weathering steel conforms to the base. Changing terrain. The weathering steel symbolizing the scrolls of Buddhist scriptures runs through the landscape. One of the forms of weather-resistant steel reels is the water structure of the “Mingzhaotai Trail” in the square, which reflects the ever-changing landscape of Niu Shou Mountain, which makes tourists deeply attracted to the first sight of entering the square.
The reels are then unfolded to form a high wall, providing visitors with a fascinating moment to experience the meditation of Dharma. Finally, the reels climb along the water to the hidden dragon lake square, and visitors will also greet the climax of the garden tour. At the highest point of the landscape, the landscape of the hidden dragon lake landscape will be unobstructed and the visitors will be able to relax.
The park's commercial facilities maintain the integrity of the base through layout, ensuring that it functions in accordance with the teachings of Buddhism. The observation deck, promenade and rest points will be placed in the natural environment, while the green plants also minimize visual and environmental impacts, and echo the SA588 Gr.A weathering steel weathering steel to protect these landscapes for future generations.