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New River Gorge Bridge made of A588 weathering steel

The main area of the use of bare weathering steel in the United States is bridge construction. In 1967, the United States used A588 weathering steel for the first time in the world to construct steel bridges in the "naked bridge" mode. In 1977, the world's largest span-type weathering steel arch bridge was built. - New River Gorge Bridge. In 1980, about 12% of the steel used in building bridges in the United States was weathering steel.
In 1989, the proportion of weathering steel used reached 15%. In 1990, Michigan State stipulated that weathering steel could be used barely as long as it complies with FHWA (Federal Highway Administration, US Federal Highway Administration) technical benchmark. In order to save management and maintenance costs, bare weathering steel is widely used in road accessories such as guard rails, steel mesh and lighting towers in the scenic area and the pastoral area. The transmission tower has more than 8,000 actual performances of bare weathering steel.