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Movable weathering steel exhibition device

This movable weathering steel exhibition installation consists of a series of A588 corten steel display stands designed to meet the real needs of the Przystań Sztuki project. The selection of materials is mainly based on the adaptability of the climate to ensure that the device can maintain its neatness and aesthetics in frequently changing weather.
Corten steel plate is special because it is a steel plate exposed to the natural environment. Over time, anti-corrosive protective layers will form on the surface, which can better adapt to various climates.
The weathering steel used to assemble the exhibits has undergone oxidation treatment, which can greatly improve the corrosion resistance of the material. Oxidation also gives the material a unique appearance: due to its original texture and copper-like color, the installation complements the buildings in the post-industrial Concordia and Baltyk office buildings.
The design is dedicated to making the weathering steel display device suitable for multifunctional exhibit display to meet the requirements of modern curatorial. The movable panel in the central area of the weathering steel installation brings flexibility to the installation, allowing the installation to display both horizontal and vertical visual art works, such as photographs, copies of paintings, posters, etc. Greatly improved the mobility and diversity of exhibits, so that different exhibits can be combined with each other.
At the same time, the design of the weathering steel device also focused on how to overcome the effects of adverse weather, especially how to resist the frequent strong winds in the space of Przystań Sztuki. The open structure at the bottom makes the device easy to move and use. The device can be easily moved to different environments.