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Luxembourg under weathering steel

At night, the Luxembourg Pavilion is dotted with weathering steel A588Gr. A and lights. The main materials used in the Luxembourg Pavilion are weathering steel, wood and glass. Among them, the open structure of the Luxembourg Pavilion is composed of 500 tons of 4 mm thickness weathering steel. Weathering steel is also known as Corten Steel. This kind of steel has anti-corrosion protection and can eliminate the need for protective paint on the facade of the stadium.
In order to echo the theme of the Shanghai World Expo "Better City, Better Life", the main materials used in the pavilion are weathering steel, wood and glass, which can be recycled. The basic concept of energy is to use energy efficiently, save energy, and use renewable energy .The Luxembourg Pavilion has become a model for sustainable cities through its construction and materials.
The Luxembourg Pavilion's building structure made of Corten steel is like a barrier and surrounds the medieval tower. Considering the comfort of visitors, this barrier has many entrances and exits, so you can stop and visit at any time without waiting in line. On the open wing, there is a gaming casino designed for children.
The restaurant in the exhibition hall is also a major feature. In addition to offering Luxembourg's special foods, such as beer, wine, champagne, pickles, and special dishes, it also offers Chinese food.
Visitors can also buy Luxembourg souvenirs and specialties, one of which is the "Shanghai" stamp issued by the Luxembourg Post Office in 2010, and the "Shanghai" Euro Commemorative Coin issued by the Luxembourg Central Bank to celebrate the Shanghai World Expo.