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LUMIFACULTY Visual Weathering Steel Creative Agency, Beijing

"LUMI is the root of Latin, and almost all the words that imply "light" originate from it. With the finiteness of life and the borderlessness of vision, LUMIFACULTY was born. We want to record the world's aspirations and Awe of the mood, and with the existence of "light" to achieve the most direct and true communication." - LUMIFACULTY
Three years ago, I came to this rebuilt “old factory”, and Master Lu (photographer Mr. Lu) selected this factory. The minimum height of 6.3 meters is just enough to meet the height requirements of flat studio shooting. We discussed the rough feeling of rebuilding the factory in the spirit of “repairing the old as old”. Therefore, in the use of materials, we chose SA588 weather-resistant steel plate and cement decorative board as the main material to build all new space. As a "guiding interface", the weather-resistant steel plate shapes the display space from the entrance into the shooting area through two actions of "one horizontal and one vertical". At the same time, combined with the fine metal mesh, the shooting area and the supporting functional area are horizontally divided. . The entrance gallery has a design width of 2.4M, which is designed to meet the entry and exit needs of car advertising, while enhancing the sense of ritual throughout the entrance space.
The stairway directly welded between the threaded steel plate and the I-beam is connected to the internal office area and the first floor function of the second floor. The architect adds a skylight to the roof to solve the lighting needs of the internal office area of ​​the second floor. Three years of time have left a lot of traces of use. We all keep it in the image. In our opinion, this is the process of the space from death to life. These "popularity" are the "direct" we especially cherish. And true." I hope it can continue to grow.