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La Graiera Golf Club Corten Steel Building

The LaGraiera Golf Club in Spain has an 18-hole standard golf course and the bow-shaped training ramp is the best view of the entire stadium. The Corten steel building is located inside a curved wall, entering from the entrance of the building is a hall built around a cylindrical staircase.
In the above three floors, different leisure and entertainment places are arranged. The second floor is the bar, the third floor is the social space, the lounge, the store, and the fourth floor is the living room, office and bathroom. Corten steel with good transparency and corrosion resistance is used on the roof to allow the sunlight outside the house to enter the house smoothly and has a candlelit terrace bar. The basement has a dressing room, storage and a golf cart garage, and the top floor is the roof of the terrace bar used during the summer months, with a small garden extending outside.
The flowers here require only a small amount of water per day, and the addition of special fertilizers can help the garden grow. Walking through the garden is the second car park, which is a stone street with cobblestones and a rare green view, embracing the entire golf course.