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Italian Country Cottage Made Of S355JOWP Weathering Steel

The architect expanded the living space of the building with glass and S355J0W weathering steel and refurbished the interior to revitalize the country cottage. The spacious windows allow a dialogue between the new building block and nature.
From the outside, the surrounding natural environment is mapped on the glass facade and becomes part of the S355JOWP weathering steel building. In the room, the glass is blanked, the outdoor environment becomes the protagonist, and the living room and the countryside are integrated into one.
Moreover, S355JOWP weathering steel has its unique texture and can be better integrated into the natural landscape, creating a distinctive beauty. As the climate changes and the time changes, the color of S355JOWP weathering steel changes from bright reddish brown to dull dark blue gray. The longer the time, the more flavor.