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Italian Cottage-the Creative Beauty of Weathering Steel is Unimaginable

When designing landscapes or indoor and outdoor spaces, we often use a unique rust color material, the weathering steel,also called corten steel, which has a very strong color and texture.
The cold appearance blends with the surrounding environment, presenting an industrial and modern art beauty. It is special in that when exposed to the natural environment, over time, the surface forms a protective layer against corrosion. No paint protection is needed, and the material life is over 80 years.
Weathering steel has excellent material properties. By adding weathering elements such as copper and nickel, the steel material forms a dense oxide layer between the rust layer and the substrate. This special oxide layer has a stable, uniform natural red rust color.
A country house gets new life by the renovation of the interiors and the expansion of the living space designed in the extension made by glass and corten steel.
 The new volume talks with the natural landscape through the wide windows. From the outside, the glass volume reflects the surrounding nature becoming part of it, from the inside the windows become invisible giving the impression of being outdoor: the living room becomes one whole space with the countryside.