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Israel Corten Steel Museum

Ron Arad is Israel's most famous designer. Although he moved to the UK in the 1980s and then became a famous designer, Israel always believed that he was part of the Israeli people. In an interview a few months ago, Ron Arad said: "I am not a football player, so I am not representing anyone. I am an Israeli, I was born in Israel. I am still speaking Hebrew. Because I am always connected with my country, but this does not mean that I am an Israeli designer or a British designer. Once, I accidentally heard the Beatles’ Penny Lane song on the radio, I don’t think it’s Liverpool. I think of my child in Tel Aviv."
At the end of January, a group of famous people from the design and architecture circles will visit the Corten Steel Museum in Holon, Israel to express their respect for Ron Arad. Holon is just a few minutes drive from Tel Aviv. This group includes lighting designer Ingo Maurer, Moroso's artistic director Patrizia Moroso, famous artist and designer Havier Mariscal, architectural critic Deyan Sudjic and more. The museum will be open to the public at the end of March 2010.
Arad said: “The basic goal of the project is to design a building, a building that will be printed on national stamps. In fact, every city wants to have a Frank Gerry museum like Bilbao, Spain, but this The buildings are too much influenced by the exterior of the building. Holon's design museum consists of two rectangular buildings that make up the exhibition hall, with all the public and service areas at the intersection of the two buildings."
Ron Arad placed high expectations on the museum and the museum took four years to build. The building's façade is surrounded by a curved strip of Corten weathering steel. This structure is a fusion of sculpture, architecture, design and art, and its texture, spatial structure and optical effects are refreshing.
Visitors can experience this special experience as they travel along the winding steel structure to the upper pavilion or along the winding steel structure from the lobby to the lower pavilion. A variety of modern and historical designs are displayed in the exhibition hall, including industry, fashion, textiles, jewellery and more.