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Huge Ring Made Of S355JOW Weathering Steel

To promote the development of the Welsh tourism industry and revitalize Flint Castle and the surrounding area, the Welsh Government organized a design competition to invite artists and architects to design an art installation. The final winner was the British architectural firm George King Architects, whose work was a huge ring made of S355JOW weathering steel.
The £395,000 art project will be officially announced on July 21, 2017. Its circular appearance and the surface made of S355JOWP weathering steel symbolize the ancient European royal family and their dynasty. The weathering steel has a huge ring height of 7 meters and a diameter of up to 30 meters. Its bridge cantilever appearance is made of S355JOW weathering steel. It is gently embedded with the ground, such as a frivolous ribbon. The work will be officially opened to tourists in 2018, when visitors can cycle up and feel the beautiful natural scenery around.