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Weathering Steel Hotel

Located at the foot of the Alvaah Mountains, Al Faya Lodge Which is made by SA588 Gr.A and S355J0WP corten steel is situated in the pre-historic deep red desert landscape of the UAE, close to the first oil pump in the UAE, designed by ANARCHITECT. Al Faya Lodge is a new member of the Sharjah collection, a unique boutique hotel and ecological retreat in a key location in the Emirate of Sharjah. Desert areas are also exposed to heavy rain, sandstorms and low temperatures at night. Local stone or concrete structures provide a large amount of heat to cope with extreme temperature fluctuations. Surface materials such as weathering steel and secondary structural materials such as sturdy hardwood and aluminum add fineness and precision to the design, especially for over-traveling roofs, sunshade components and terrace decks that are above the beach level.