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The First Weathering Steel Municipal Engineering Project In China Was Successfully Closed

At 7:18 pm on June 30, with the completion of the final concrete pouring, the main tower of the EPC project of the North Extension Road Project of Huangshi Xingang Avenue of Huazhong Company of China Construction Third Bureau was successfully closed. At the same time, the main bridge steel beam also successfully completed the first hoisting, marking the new phase of the project construction into the upper tower column construction, laying a solid foundation for the whole bridge. It is reported that the main beam of the main bridge steel is weather-resistant steel, which has excellent comprehensive performances such as no coating, high strength and toughness, high weather resistance, low yield ratio and easy welding. The bridge is the first application of weathering steel in municipal engineering projects, greatly improving construction efficiency. The main tower construction will be upgraded from a 20-day section to a new speed of 5 days. The main tower will be closed 51 days in advance, and the total construction period is expected to be saved for 8 months. It will be completed on December 30 this year.